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Secure from the start
Get a domain name with built-in security
Simple steps to secure your website
Any domain you register with Google Domains comes with privacy protection, one-click DNSSEC, and Google 2-Step Verification — all at no added cost. Whether you’re launching a side project or expanding your business’s online presence, here are some easy steps you can take to better protect your website.
Get an SSL Certificate to encrypt your website
Secure your website and protect your users’ information with HTTPS encryption by installing an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate keeps sensitive information like credit card data private by scrambling data as it travels to and from your website. And HTTPS encryption ensures that no one can access or monitor communications to or from your website.
Protect your website from SSL stripping
Installing an SSL certificate is a must, but SSL alone isn’t completely hack-proof: you should also use HSTS-preloading. Without HSTS, someone can try to strip your website of its SSL certificate so they can load your pages over HTTP (instead of HTTPS). The best way to protect your website from SSL stripping is to use a HSTS-preloaded domain name or add your website to the HSTS-preload list (a list of websites that modern browsers only load over an encrypted connection). Here are two ways to get on the HSTS-preload list:
Register a domain name that’s HSTS-preloaded (recommended)
The fastest way to get on the HSTS-preload list is to use a domain ending like .app, .dev, or .page that’s already on the list. Any website with a top-level domain (TLD) on the list is automatically protected by HSTS-preloading.
Add your website to the list
Website owners can individually add their website to the HSTS-preload list at But keep in mind, this is a slow process since updates to the list might go unrecognized by a browser until an update or new release. It can take months for all modern browsers to recognize that your website has been added.
Customer stories
Learn why people are choosing HSTS-preloaded domains for their new business or online venture, and why this added security matters to them.
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