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Google Domains provides the added security and intuitive tools to make your life easier
Tools to save time
A range of tools to make your life easier
  • Domain sharing
    Give clients or co-workers permission to manage a domain alongside you
  • Fast multi-domain registration
    A streamlined purchase experience makes it easy to register multiple domains at once
  • DNS Export
    Download your DNS records to standard formats like BIND or YAML for easy migrations and to upload to other DNS servers
Safe and reliable Google infrastructure
Google reliability, security and performance so you can scale your business like a pro
  • One-Click DNSSEC
    Make it easier to protect your domains from DNS threats like cache poison attacks and DNS spoofing
  • Cloud DNS built in
    Google Domains includes Cloud DNS support, which scales to meet your website's traffic demands and provides super-fast DNS resolution at no cost
  • Privacy protection included
    Google Domains covers the cost of keeping your contact information private on WHOIS and RDAP to prevent spam
Simple integrations built in
Save time with integrations from other Google tools and trusted partners
  • Automatic domain verification
    No need to verify with TXT records when integrating your website with other Google properties like Google Search Console, Google App Engine and Cloud Run
  • Integrated across Google products
    Easily add Google Workspace for your domain, or create a website in Google Sites or Blogger
  • Easy access to trusted add-ons and services
    Google Domains makes it easy to connect your domain with trusted partners like Shopify, Squarespace, WIX, Bluehost and Weebly
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