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Build it with Google Sites

Create a website with your domain for . No coding skills necessary.

A simple site with powerful tools

Publish with your domain

Google Domains and Google Sites work together, so you can publish your website without technical know-how. Simply register a domain with Google Domains and publish your site to the web in just a few clicks.

Showcase your content

Easily embed a Google Doc with your restaurant's menu, your shop's physical location on Google Maps or a YouTube video about your business. No coding skills required.

Collaborate and co-edit in real time

Google Sites makes it easy to collaborate with your team. Streamline your website updates with the same real-time collaboration and version history features that you're familiar with from Google Docs.

Measure traffic and performance

Once your website is live, you can measure and track its performance while gaining valuable insights using Google Analytics.

Google Sites includes
Responsive layouts
Automatically optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile
Hosting included
No need to find or pay for third-party hosting
Creative themes
Express your style with our pre-designed font and colour palettes
Find your domain
First, get your domain, then build your website.