When to upgrade to G Suite
Custom Emails, Email Forwarding and more

When you’re ready to upgrade to a professional email address with all the storage you need, G Suite is the place to start. Trusted by millions of businesses of all sizes, G Suite gives everyone in your company their own business email with custom addresses, like you@yourcompany.com. G suite allows for aliases too. For example, customers can email your Sales team by using the alias sales@yourcompany.com. Emails sent to that address will automatically be routed to members setup in the Sales alias. And, when your Sales employee responds they can choose whether it comes from their individual email (you@yourcompany.com) or the alias (sales@yourcompany.com).

With G Suite your email is also part of a larger platform that lets you:

Connect. Whether colleagues are in the next cube or across the globe, collaborate easily with shared calendars, easy to use video conferencing, secure team messaging and more.

Create. Enjoy a suite of applications built to fuel creativity and collaboration. There’s Docs, Sheets (spreadsheets), Forms and Slides. 

Access. Drive lets you securely store all your files and then access them from anywhere. You can also find them quickly with Google Search across G Suite.

Control. Powerful admin controls let you securely manage users, devices, and data. There’s also Work Insights, a reporting tool that helps optimize G Suite.

Upgrading to G Suite gives you just about everything you need to efficiently and effectively run your business. Options for G Suite include G Suite Business, $12/month per user with unlimited cloud storage and G Suite Basic, just $6/month per user with 30GB of storage.

Learn about everything G Suite has to offer and get started.

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